Christmas Tech Support

Helping you (and your relatives) have better computer security for the holidays.

Update to a Modern Browser

Older browsers are a mess. They’re insecure and they don’t work well with modern websites, amongst many other issues. If you’re not using a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge), you really should be.

Whenever you’re surfing, you want to maximize the amount of HTTPS websites you visit. HTTPS websites have all of your information encrypted between your computer and the website you’re visiting. All HTTPS websites begin with https:// and have a green padlock in the URL bar.

My helpful screenshot

Setting Up

  • Use a modern browser. If you’re on Internet Explorer, run far away. Firefox and Chrome are always good choices.
  • Download uBlock Origin. Advertising companies are also using tracking cookies to track which websites you visit so they can sell you ads. This will stop advertisers from tracking what websites you visit. It also blocks ads. It’s up to you to decide if you feel it’s okay to block ads. (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Download HTTPS Everywhere to have your browser automatically send you to HTTPS websites whenever possible (Firefox, Chrome)
  • Turn on “Do Not Track” settings in that browser. Both Firefox and Chrome support this out of the box, and can be turned in its respective settings.


  • Teach them to look for the green check-box whenever they log into a website or enter any personal information.
  • Be wary when following links from emails! If your bank asks you to log in and check something, type in the web address yourself, you’ll know you’re going to the real thing.

Avoiding Problems

Modern browsers do look a little different than Internet Explorer. You might have to relearn how to do some tasks.